Our Mission


1) To build and operate a center that will become the focal point for cultural, educational, social and charitable activities in the city of San Diego related to Spain and Spanish culture.

2) The center will also serve as a meeting place where locals and visitors could find information and assistance in a wide variety of cultural, educational and humanitarian topics.

3) The center will endeavor to spread the knowledge of and interest in the culture of Spain by means of artistic and folkloric presentations (both at the center and throughout the San Diego community), there will also be educational meetings and seminars on a regular basis, all of them open to the public in general.

The House of Spain, Casa de España in San Diego is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit organization, which endeavors to foster and cultivate traditions from Spain, and to contribute, maintain and enhance the spirit of understanding, tolerance and goodwill among all the national groups residing in the city of San Diego by presenting the history and culture of Spain. As such, the House of Spain, Casa de España in San Diego adheres, without reservations, to the principles of the House of Pacific Relations.

Official documents governing the House of Spain, Casa de España in San Diego are available to the public on this website.

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